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Smart Technology & Innovative Integration

Constant technical research and development to prepare for the smart future industry.

Since 2011, we are stepping forward as a specialized enterprise for

UAS control and communication network with innovative technical development. 

Based on industrial embedded systems, 4G/5G communication network solutions, and smart video security solutions,

Smatii Inc. will become an innovative technical development company for smart city solutions.




  • ​Bluezen Inc. founded


  • System software development

  • S/W development and provision of IBS systems


  • S/W provision of mobile control

  • Development and provision of UAS control service enterprise "Ready To Fly", an official app for the Ministry for Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(MOLIT)




  • Corporation division of BluezenDrone Inc. 


  • Registration as a venture enterprise

  • UTM system construction business for the Ministry for Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(MOLIT)


  • Development of system drones for specialized missions


  • ​Development of LTE communication module for drones

  • Foundation of system drone research institute


  • Development of industrial drone system


  • Development of UAS testing environment




  • Acquisition of KC certification / Conformity assessment / corporate network certification for LTE integrated communication module for drones


  • ​Selected as a business operator for Drone Regulation Sandbox, by Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology(KIAST)


  • Participation in Public Procurement for Innovation-affiliated UAS and S/W platform development project subsection 2 / subsection 7


  • Selected as a business operator for delivery drones with 98%+ success rate demonstration project by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy (MOCIE)

  • Acquisition of ISO9001/140001 international certification Selected as a military service designated company by Gyeong-in Regional Military Manpower Administration


  • ​Selected for a Drone Regulation Sandbox free contest business "Development of ultra-low latency 5G communication device for remote visual flight of UAVs“


  • Corporate name changed to “Smatii”, diversifying the business into video and smart city solutions

  • ​Development / launch of 5G communication device for drones


  • Launch of integrated network solution for drones 'LinQNetwork'


  • Selected as a business operator for "Online Drone Tour Service" commercial launch and demonstration project


  • Launch of 'LinQDrone' service, selected as a Drone Regulation Sandbox project


Organization Chart


​Management Support H.Q

Future Business Department

Management Planning   





Technical Development Research Institute

Technological Vision


Smatii Inc. is a specialized enterprise for UAS, communication networks,

video security solutions in smart cities.


System Drone Solutions

Provision of flight control computers manufactured in Korea, 4G/5G communication devices, UAS solutions based on safe/intelligent sensor technologies.

Embedded Hardware

Hardware development / provision of compact and lightweight devices and modules for the technical demands of UAS and smart cities.

Communication / Network Solutions

Development / service of customized network solutions for 4G/5G-based integrated communication network construction and system interworking.

Smart Home / Video Security

All-in-one development / provision / maintenance of video security devices and solutions for smart cities and smart home solutions.


​Intellectual Property Right

  • UAS Monitoring and Control system having Black Box 

  • Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System for UAS

  • Enforcement System of Bus Exclusive Lane using UAV

  • System for Detecting Vehicle in Multiplelane using UAV

       and Method thereof

  • Drone system based on Commercial mobile communication

       Wireless network Dedicated to Drone

  • Air Traffic Control System for Drones and method for thereof

  • Induction Control System For Indoor Flight Control of

       Small Drones

  • Drone Racing Game System

  • Shooting Game System based on Drone and method thereof

  • ​Personal Flight Device

  • Personal Flight Device 2

  • Implementation of Abnormality Diagnosis System for Drone Power

       Unit by Using Vibration Sensor(Apparatus and Method for Diagnosing Fault of Drone)

  • Redundant Apparatus for Controlling Flight and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped
    with Same, Method for Controlling Flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

  • ​Apparatus and method for Transmitting Flight Monitoring Information, and Unmanned 

       Aerial Vehicle Equipped with Same

  • 'SysDrone' Trademark right 

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1882418

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1903678

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1940273

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1882419

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1851237

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1780479

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1876829

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1857245

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1960341

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1985687

   :  Registration of a patent 10-1985688

   :  Registration of a patent 10-2261899

   :  Registration of a patent 10-2255841

   :  Registration of a patent 10-2255842

   :  Registration of trademark right 40-2017-0337602

​Current Status of Certification












                                    Venture Enterprise Certification                                           ISO 9001                                                             ISO 14001











                                  Direct Production Certificate                              Direct Production Certificate                                 Direct Production Certificate

                                                  (UAV)                                            (Software maintenance and support)                     (Software engineering business)


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